Mr. Soumen Sarkar

CEO, Director

Mr. Soumen Sarkar is the visionary businessman behind Crazy Animation Entertainment. He founded the company in 2012 with just a handful of staff members but rapidly grew the business until it became one of the leading animation houses in the international market. Crazy Animation now has over 100 employees working under Mr. Sarkar to produce high quality animated content day in and day out. Without his business acumen, Crazy Animation would be nowhere near the company it is today.


roll no21
roll no 21
Ankit Kaasam
Abhishek jain
tik tak tail


Crazy Animation Entertainment is an animation house that focuses on 2D animation projects. We provide end to end animated content to businesses and institutions alike. Our unwavering dedication to producing quality work has secured us a reputation as one of the finest companies in the industry. We have produced countless episodes of animated content for an impressive roster of clients, having created media for ATCHOO, TIK TAK TAIL, Little Singham, Golmaal, Roll no 21, Keymon Ache and more. Our current projects include work for Bapu, Bajrangi and Ganesha to name but a few.
We provide a full service approach to animation. Beginning with animatic storyboard, moving through to concept art, before going into bg and layout, then we lay out the 2D animation and FX and after that taking the project into the final comp and rendering stage.
Our production pipeline is one of the most rigorous studios in the industry and due to this we pride ourselves on producing content right on time. While smaller animation houses may suffer with deadlines, Crazy Animation gets the work done on time and without any need for extensions. Our clients are some of the best production houses in the world and we work hard to meet their standards every single day. No matter what the requirements, Crazy Animation is up to the task.
Vision is to make the Animation Industry more popular and accessible to vast popularity so that future generations find interest in this Industry.
Mission : To grow the Animation Industry with more Original and Home-grown Characters.
And to create a wonderful bridge among Investors, Production houses,Clients and Consumers


Malancha, Tollygunge, Kolkata 700040